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A short story | Past the willow trees | Let's blog in English

~ Past the willow trees I ~

He told me, she wanted eyes like mines to stare at the stars. 

I did not know who he was talking about nor if I had ever meet her, seen her. Once again he told me that she wanted eyes like mines. “To cry when she gets scared, just like you are right now” he said while looking directly into my eyes. Into my soul. I had not noticed I was scared until he told me I was. Or maybe he just tricked me into believing he knew how I was feeling and that scared me. Anyways, I was indeed scared now.

I wanted to close my eyes and make him disappear. Sadly, it is not that easy. Even if it was, I would not have been able to, since I was paralyzed out of fear. I could not move an inch, I could not even close my eyes. 

However there was something inside my head that did not want him to be erased. It kept on telling me I needed to know more about her. And it was not wrong at all; a part of me did want to know what was going on.

I somehow managed to emit a sound. Some words came out of my mouth. I asked him where she was. He leaned his head to left while still staring at me. Those small black gleaming eyes and his penetrating gaze were making me feel uncomfortable. They made me feel somehow sad yet angry. Sick. They made me feel lost.

“Can’t you hear her laughing?” he replied to me, avoiding my question. 


Past the willow trees, there she is. She was looking for a soul and she went astray. 

I wanted her to be happy. I wanted her to feel alive.

I stole a beautiful smile from another child and I gave it to her. 

It did not work. The human soul does not lie in a simple smile. Hard to believe yet true.

I still want her to be happy.

Eyes. A human soul resides in their eyes. I am pretty sure. 

I will give her a pair of beautiful eyes.


He would not tell me where she was, who she was. I had no choice; I had to accede to give her my eyes; this way he would bring me where she was. 

I must say, I never saw her nor met her. He took my eyes away from me before I got the chance to meet her. 

And now, oh boy, here I am. Just past the willows, underneath the poor soil. I thought I would not survive, but here I am – blind yet still alive. 

♤ The End 

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  1. Hi!
    I don't know how to feel right now about this little tale... I think is so interesting, but also I'm sure that I don't understand the deep meaning of it.
    In fact, it has been a pleasure to read it. Thank you so much for showing it to us :D

    1. Hi there PaquiBell!
      Thank you a lot for reading it and leaving a comment!